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introducing the Coastal Code in your business

make the code known to your customers


The companies that work in the area of the bay play a fundamental role to achieve the conservation of this wonderful ecosystem.

Your collaboration to publicize the coastal code is essential, since you work hand in hand with the end users of the bay.

We invite you to take an active role in the dissemination of the coastal code that we have developed to minimize the impact of people who act in the bay and who access it through the services you offer ...

How to publicize the coastal code?

1 - Hanging it in a visible place on your website so that users know it. 

2 - Including the main points of the coastal code applied to your activity and including them in the client's contract or by providing a brochure with the points for them to read.

3 - Participating or leading actions that promote an active role in cleaning or caring for the bay: p. ex. offer a drink in exchange for a glass full of cigarette butts collected from the beach.

4 -Informing clients of the protected areas of the bay and the precautions they must take when accessing those places. E.g. areas where it is prohibited to anchor.

5 -Hanging posters that announce that there is a coastal code and informing the web where they can download it

6- Promoting recycling within your facilities, with a garbage division.

7- Carrying out an internal study of the environmental impact that your activity is having on the bay to find ways to reduce or eliminate any negative impact that your company may be producing, or simply to limit the risks that it may damage the bay (p .e. possible breach of a ship's tank or entry of new invasive species into the bay through biofouling on the ship's hull.)

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