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introducing the Coastal Code in your school

Know to love  and preserve



1-  Have each child draw a picture of a place in the bay of Santander: El Puntal, Ría de Cubas, Mouro ... 

2- Have them do a little research work on some place in the bay, or on some animal or plant that lives there and present it to the class.

3- They could make a mural with photos or drawings made by the students about the protected areas of the bay or the natural spaces that surround it.

4- Read the Coastal Code in class and comment on it. Identification of bad habits that we have when going to the beach.

5 - Each child draws a picture of a point in the coastal code and then the rest of the class has to guess what good habit is being shown in the picture.

6- Play a game where one of the points covered in the coastal code is described through mimicry.

7- Play the game "what if everyone did ....." and put a good or bad habit about when they go to the beach ".

8-Play to "become ambassadors of the bay" and discuss the Coastal Code with the family at home. Bring a copy for parents.

9- Write a story about what life must be like for some of the animals that live in the bay.

10- Make a mural a drawing with a message related to some point of the coastal code.


Niños limpiando la playa
Niños Reading Mapa
Niños en clase de arte
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