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1.- Origin of the Idea

In 2020 the EU4OCEAN Platform is founded with the aim of promoting “ Oceanic Literacy ”. An initiative of the European Commission as an essential element of the Blue Economy committed to the conservation and recovery of the Oceans through the creation of a European platform with members from different states so that they can connect, collaborate and mobilize  projects aimed at ocean literacy.

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for Ocean Literacy

In the first working meeting held in September 2020, at the initiative of our Navigatio association, the proposal to develop a coastal code so that citizens have an action guide in their approach, use and enjoyment of the litorial and the sheets of water arises. coastal. 

2. Statement of Reasons:


Although there are extensive protection figures on the seas and oceans, and in the present case, on the Bay of Santander, the truth is that there is a lack of information or knowledge on the part of the citizen about the protection of these ecosystems and how act accordingly.

We start from the basis that citizens over the years have become aware of the need to respect and protect nature. Climate change is also a reality that  it cannot be ignored any longer. However, many people do not know how to protect the Oceans and believe that this is  limits to not littering on the beach or not to urbanize the coasts.     

Thus we see how the Seas and Oceans, as well as our bay,  they continue to suffer from human pressure and there is still a long way to go before people understand the importance of their individual role in achieving this protection.

"Small actions that apparently have no effect individually, but added by the thousands of users of the Bay, have a great effect and impact on the health and cleanliness of its fragile ecosystems."

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consciousness -> responsibility -> action -> result

If you are interested in collaborating with an initiative to publicize the coastal code, please contact us.

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