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  • Always respect the instructions of the watchman and the flag, if any.

  • As far as you can, always keep your distances from other people and in any case, respect the safety distances for Covid prevention in force.

  • Avoid approaching the bathing area with your boat, and never invade it . If you are a bather, avoid leaving the bathing area because you could suffer an accident with a boat.

  • Take into account the tides when entering the bay, as well as their evolution and if it can affect your activity in the water.

  • Take into account the marine currents, an average of 10 people die per year in  Cantabria due to drowning, often due to strong ocean currents . Do not access deep areas if there is waves or if there is no green flag. Be particularly careful in bathing areas that are towards the open sea, such as the Sardinero beach or El Puntal.

  • If you can, use gloves or a garbage collector in your bay cleaning activity. When collecting trash from the coast, always take appropriate precautions when handling the waste you find.

  • If you pick up needles or glasses or any other sharp object, please handle it  carefully and throw it away  correctly.  It is important that afterwards you put them in a safe place so that no one can be cut or punctured when handling the garbage.

  • If you come across jellyfish on the beach, avoid touching them.  If you are stung by a jellyfish, you can use sea water with vinegar as the first emergency solution before going to a pharmacy or medical center if necessary. Remember never to put ice or fresh water on the bite.

  • If you find what you suspect may be an illegal dumping of chemicals or dangerous substances, do not touch it and notify SEPRONA.

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages if you are going to swim or do any activity in the water.

  • If there is a sudden change in the unexpected weather, return or cancel the activity if as a result there is a risk to the people involved in the activity.

  • If you are going to do an aquatic activity such as surfing or diving, always go accompanied with at least one person.

  • For any type of aquatic activity that you are going to do, find out about the necessary safety equipment.

  • If you are going to access a rocky area, especially if it is an area that has been uncovered by low tide, be sure to walk with rubber footwear to avoid cuts . Shellfish areas are particularly delicate.

  • If you see someone in a dangerous situation , call 112 to give the warning.

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