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Your code of good practices for the sustainable use and enjoyment of the Bay
It is based on three concepts:


Día de playa

knowingly and responsibly

objective :

To achieve the responsible use of the Bay from the knowledge and responsible use, doing preventive ecology from citizen action to stop the degradation and loss of biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Bay of Santander and restore them as far as possible.

The 7 principles of the Code:

1.  Schedule in advance.
2. Know the environment: characteristics, weaknesses and legal restrictions.
3. Respect: people, animals, plants, and the space itself
4. Be ecological: always choose the most sustainable option (for your creams, trips, etc).

5. Do not alter the habitats: do not take elements from the coast, do not go off the enabled routes, etc ...

6.  Clean: take trash with you whenever you can

7. Take action  with conscience:  thinking of everyone's safety.

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