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  • An urban pressure that minimizes or urbanizes the super-tidal areas

  • Lack of coordination between administrations: lack of a comprehensive master plan for the Bay

  • Strong pressure from port activity.

  • A possible overcrowding of recreational aquatic activity, with a particular focus on areas of necessary environmental protection.  

  • The lack of agreed protocols for the preservation of marine flora: lack of anchoring maps, excessive cleaning of the sand (particularly outside the summer season, eliminating the tidal cord and minimizing the fauna associated with the material deposited by the intertidal zone), etc..

  • The proliferation of invasive species.




  • Climate change (sea level rise, coastal erosion,  etc).

  • Strong tourism and port competition vs ecology

  • The erosion suffered by the beach due to the change in marine dynamics (receding of the beach)

  • The erosion of the surrounding green areas by the invasion of sand and the effect of the tides.


  • The current of awareness that runs through the world in favor of the protection of the oceans

  • The commissioning of a  Comprehensive Master Plan for the Bay of Santander.

  • Financing European funds

  • The leadership of the EU in the preservation of the health of the oceans: implementation in all municipalities and public bodies of international and European standards of environmental management systems, such as Regulation 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 25 February November 2009, concerning the voluntary participation of organizations in a Community Environmental Management and Audit System (EMAS)

  • Advertising from the Government of Spain and from other public and private bodies of Royal Decree 239/2013, of April 5, which establishes the rules for the application of Regulation 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, regarding the voluntary participation of organizations in a community EMAS environmental management and auditing system, compared to other unofficial environmental and tourism quality labels

  • Citizen awareness campaigns on the responsible use of the coastline carried out by local agencies and close to the city of Ciudaddano.


Bolsa de plástico en la playa
En la playa

If you are interested in collaborating with an initiative to publicize the coastal code, please contact us.

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