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CURIOSITIES ABOUT THIS PLANT .... It is said that all terrestrial plants were first marine, and the belief is that this is a form of grass that years ago passed from the sea to the land, adapted to live emerged (reproducing by flowers and seeds) but returned back to the sea, where it continued to evolve submerged.  This upper and perennial type plant belongs is indeed one of the few families that managed to return to the sea ...

Zostera Marina

The great unknown lung of the bay

Although by its appearance it may seem like an alga, the Zostera Marina is a type of marine plant (seagrass) considered superior and evolved, which has flowers, fruits and seeds.

Due to its function of oxygenation of the water, it has a very important role against climate change since it contributes to the removal of carbon from the water at the same time as  it generates habitats of high ecological, landscape and environmental value. In addition, the success of its cultivation and characteristics make it one of the great promises of marine cereals. 

Key against climate change:

  • It generates great benefits for the environment: habitats of a very high

  • High biological, ecological, landscape and social value.

  • Countless benefits for the environment, as it provides fundamental ecosystem services for the balance of the planet.

  • The phanerogam meadows are the most effective carbon sinks on Earth and protect against extreme weather events (storms, floods…) that are increasing due to global change.

  • Fixed Blue Carbon, generates oxygen and regulates the carbon cycle.

  • It mitigates the effect of the tides and the rise in sea level.

  • It prevents underwater erosion and is home to an important underwater fauna.


- Publicize and raise awareness about the importance of the Zostera Marina and its fundamental role for the Bay

- Limit activities that can damage the plant

- Avoid all kinds of actions that may affect the health of the plant (eg harmful spills or uncontrolled anchoring on the Zostera Marina meadows)

SOURCE: Report made by Aponiente - Ángel León

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